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Task / responsibility

Playing …
As part of a group we contributed to to clean the floor, serve the food and clean the tables.
Groups leaders add your responsibility
Other tasks like photo, video, articles etc

Communication in mother tongue

I talked to the people of Madrid (my group) and to the Catalan people in Spanish, my mother tongue. I sometimes also spoke in Spanish to the Norwegians and Italians so they learned some of our words, culture and so on.

To use Spanish to express our feelings, suggestions and preferences related to the project between us and the other Spanish group from Barcelona

Communication in foreign languages

I talked to the Norwegians and Italians in English, because we all knew it. I also learned some words and phrases in that languages and in Catalan, as well as its pronunciation rules.

I spoke mostly English, because almost everybody understood and spoke English. I also spoke some Spanish because I`ve learned some Spanish in school, and I wanted to practice it.

I enjoyed speaking in english with people who weren’t Italian. After a few days, I preferred to speak in english because we were al together and I did’t want that some people (not Italian) couldn’t understand me while I was speaking.

Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology

We solved some logic-based problems in group to improve our logical processing and to talk to other people while doing it.

I used math when figuring out how much things cost based on euro to Norwegian currency.

Digital competence

I learned some basics about electronic music and how to use programs to compose it. I also took photos about all the trip to remember it.

Learning to learn

I learned music and languages through conversation and meeting new people. We had time every day to talk to new people and knew more things about their culture.

We used learning strategies when we had workshops, e.g learning a music scale to use in improvisation.

I have learned a lot of things, not just in the scope of music, but also in a personal way.

Talking with another people from differents countries we’ve learned how they study and a lot of different skills in order to improve our way of study and also we share our own way of studying and they take the things that they liked most.

Social and civic competences

We had meetings every day, as well as games where you interact with other people, make new friends and learn more about the others. A group of people, including me, where allowed to go outside after bed time to improve even more our relationship.

We have learned to cooperate, to understand each other and to achieve our goals together.

We have to adapt some differents things and habits to people from other countries like their habit of having lunch earlier than us or sometimes when saluting or saying goodbye we have the habit of give two kisses and hug the other person but it was a little bit strange when the other person doesn’t know it and feels also strange. (That was funny especially with the Norwegian people)

Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

In the electronic music workshop, all the participants planned what to do each day so we had time to finish all the work.

For me, it was such an opportunity to take the lead sometimes, to organize and to make decisions for my own, always having in mind other people’s opinions.

Cultural awareness and expression

We learned more about other cultures by talking as well as playing and dancing traditional songs of each country or region.

We stayed in a village provide with a lot of culture. We visited some museums, monuments and ancient buildings and we learned a lot about Norway and Italy.

During the week at Canet the Mar we danced, we played a lot music, during the workshop I did some improvisation on a folkloristic music and we ( Italian) sung some Italian song.

Other specific skills

We learned how to play music by ear and we studied a big amount of music sheets in a very few time. It was also the first time I played in church. 
In a nutshell, it was such a beautiful experience full of teachings and fun times, where I have made a lot of new friends and intensified the friendships I already had.

I’ve learned how to dance Norwegian, Italian and Catalan dances.